BBQ sauces

North Carolina
a vinegar based sauce for pulled pork.
South Carolina
a thick BBQ sauce - mustard based.
Uncle Nek's red delight
tomato purée, molasses and vineger.
K. C. style
Uncle Nek's with celery seed.
Texas pit sauce
Ketchup, lemon and Worcestershire.
Hawaiian style
tomato based with pineapple and soy.
Highland Park BBQ sauce
ketchup-based and well-balanced.
The Frugal Gourmet's
mustard, Worcestershire, smoke and sugar notes.
Texas Best
a replication of a classic commercial BBQ sauce.
Cattlemen's Kansas City
another replication of a commerical BBQ sauce.
K.C. Masterpiece
my attempt to recreate a molasses based sauce.
Stubb's Original
a commerical sauce that is tomatoey and thin.
Gates Bar-B-Q sauce
thin, vinegery and prominent in chili powder.
Mellow pit sauce
Texas-like with tomato sauce and chili pepper.