Steak Frites

(2) 12-14 oz rib-eye steaks
Sauce Bernaise
Pomme Frites
dry red wine (Shiraz, Merlot, etc.)
black pepper
peanut oil
Somewhat in advance, prepare the Sauce Bernaise, but keep it warm - in a thermos if necessary. The potatoes for the frites should be blanched an hour before.

Smear the surfaces of the steaks with peanut oil. Heat an iron skillet over a medium-high flame, until it is blisteringly hot. Place steaks into the pan. Sear them on one side, turn over and season this side with salt and pepper. Sear the second side, turn over and season it. Test for doneness by poking at it. The flesh should put up some resistence. I prefer a medium-rare steak. Remove the steak from the pan.

De-grease the pan then de-glaze it with Merlot. Reduce the sauce. Turn off the heat, return steaks to pan - briefly - and drench the steaks with the sauce.

Place the steaks on a platter, pour the remaing wine reduction over them and dollop them with Sauce Bernaise. Serve the frites on the side.