Pollo Colorado

1 frying chicken, 3 1/2 lbs
Chile Colorado
Guajillo chile powder

peanut oil
flour tortillas
Prepare a rotisserie - with charcoal as the heat source. Thread the spit through the chicken's cavity. Secure the bird to the spit with the provided machine skewers. Pin the wings back by rotating the wings towards the backbone and by locking the wing tips in place over the back. Rub chicken with peanut oil. Season with Guajillo Chile powder and salt. Position the spit on the rotisserie over medium-hot coals. Turn the motor on and watch the bird spin for 1 - 1 1/2 hours. The progress will depend on the initial heat of the coals and the distance between the chicken and the coals. When the skin pulls away from the chicken and flaps violently, it's probably finished.

Remove the chicken from the rotisserie - but not from spit. Find a shallow, wide bowl - which will accomodate the chicken on the spit. Place the bird in the bowl and cover with the hot Chile Colorado. Tent this contraption for 10 minutes with aluminium foil. Remove the spit and serve with sauted mushrooms, cheese and warm tortillas.