Barded pork tenderloin

1 whole, pork tenderloin
2-3 slices bacon
1-2 Tbl Dijon mustard
1-2 Tbl dark molasses
1-2 Tbl freshly grated horseradish
dry white wine
black pepper
Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F. Combine the mustard, molasses and horseradish in a bowl. Stir.

Wrap the tenderloin in a few slices of bacon. Secure with toothpicks or small, metal truss rods. Heat up a large aluminium skillet. Sear the loin on all sides. Degrease the pan - as excess grease may ignite in the oven. Roast the loin for 10-12 minutes. Check for doneness by poking the tenderloin (or with a temperature probe). Remove the loin from the oven and tent it under aluminium foil. Degrease the pan. Deglaze the pan with 6 oz of white wine.

Do not reduce the wine too severely - as the mustard, honey and horseradish will immediately coagulate the sauce. Pour the mustard, honey, and horseradish mixture to pan. Season with salt and black pepper. Spoon the contents of the pan over the loin.

Pork is safe to consume when the internal temperature reaches a solid 137 F. If the loin is removed from the oven when it reaches a medium doneness (150 F) and tented for 10 minutes, the cooking will carry over and the loin will achieve a perfect, medium-well: juicy - with a mere suggestion of pink.