Pasta con puerco hachazo

2 pork loin chops, 8 oz each
red chile sauce
black pepper
lard or peanut oil
5 oz linguini
Dry off the pork chops with paper towels. Heat up a Dutch oven over a medium flame. Pour 2 Tbl of peanut oil into the pot and brown the chops on one side. Turn them over and season the browned side with salt and pepper. Brown the other side, turn over and season them. Remove the chops, and degrease the pot.

Place the red chile sauce into the pot along with cumin, Mexican oregano, garlic and a fair amount of salt. Bring the liquids to a boil, place the chops in and simmer over a low flame for 10 minutes.

Throw the hot, drained pasta into the pot. Stir. Cover and allow to rest for 6 minutes. Stir. Move the pasta, pork and sauce to a serving platter. Grate a significant amount of cheese over the surface of the dish. Garnish with chopped cilantro. Cover the platter with aluminium foil, allowing the cheese to melt before serving.