Memphis BBQ spaghetti

1 bone-in pork butt, 4-5 lbs
4 lbs raw spaghetti

Elvis's barbeque sauce
20 oz tomato puree
20 oz ketchup
2 oz bourbon
1 cup cider vinegar
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup + 4 Tbl dark molasses
4 cloves garlic
4 Tbl worcestershire sauce
4 Tbl yellow mustard
1 Tsp or to taste ground cayenne pepper
black pepper
Traditionally, the pork contribution to Memphis barbeque spaghetti derives from the "rib tips", i.e. the boneless portions, carved from the rib-rack, when turning spares into St. Louis ribs. I've opted for butt meat, because it is readily available, and due to its fat content, it smokes to perfection.

Prepare a smoker for its long, barbequing journey. I built a smoker - comprised of two, terra-cotta tree pots, an electric hot-plate with a rheostat (as its heat-source), an ancient, iron pie plate to hold the smoldering, wood-chunks and an analog thermometer to gauge temperature.

Rub the butt with molasses, sufficient to coat, and self-desired quantities of salt, black pepper, Hungarian sweet paprika, garlic powder, onion powder and cayenne pepper. Smoke the butt for 8-10 hours at 210-225 degress F (or until the butt almost self-disintegrates). One half hour before pulling the butt, prepare the sauce.

Chop the garlic finely. Combine the ingredients for Elvis's barbeque sauce in a large, non-reactive sauce pan. Bring the contents of the pan to a boil, lower the flame and simmer until the sauce is reasonably thick, about 1/2 hour. Stir occasionally to prevent stickage.

While the Q sauce is reducing, cook the spaghetti to al dente or beyond.

Pull the meat from the butt into hunks or long, glistening gelatinized strands. Throw the meat onto the hot pasta. Ladle a sufficient quantity of the sauce over the pasta to coat it and the meat. Serve with cole slaw and dirt-cheap beer...

"Well, thank Ya', Thank Ya' v'ry much"
Attention, the Butt has left the building...