Classic chicken gumbo

1/2 of a fryer
1/3 cup onions
1/4 cup green bell pepper
1/4 cup celery
dry white wine
water to cover
1/3 cup flour
1/3 cup peanut oil
1/4 - 1/2 Tsp ground cayenne pepper
peanut oil for searing chicken
Chop the onion, bell pepper and celery together finely - so as to maximize the merging of flavors.

Place the flour into a bowl. Smooth out the lumps with a knife. In a Dutch oven (over medium-high), pour the oil in. Allow the oil to come up to heat. Carefully sprinkle the flour into the oil, while whisking constantly - from this point on - with a long wire whip. For the roux to achieve a dark chocolate brown color, it will require about 6-8 minutes.

Lower the heat. Carefully add the onion, green bell pepper and celery mixture. Continue to stir with the whip, until the roux/aromatics emit something like a cinnamon aroma. Break the roux down with wine and cold water. Add ground cayenne pepper and salt to taste. Cover the pan, and keep the heat low.

Dry off the half-fryer with paper towels. In large skillet, sear the chicken in peanut oil until both sides are well-brown. Move the chicken to the Dutch oven. Degrease the skillet, then de-glaze it with wine. Scrape the bottom of the skillet. Pour the wine reduction into the Dutch oven. Allow the liquids to come up to a boil. Reduce the heat to a slow simmer, cover the pan with a tightly fitting lid and braise for 1 hour or so. Serve over rice or pasta.