BBQ sauces

North Carolina
a thin, vinegar based sauce with red and black pepper.
South Carolina
a vinegar/mustard based sauce with a high sugar content.
South Carolina II
a relatively thick BBQ sauce - mustard based.
Uncle Nek's red delight
a tomato purée, molasses and vineger based sauce.
K. C. style
a regional revision to Uncle Nek's red delight with celery seed.
Texas pit sauce
an authentic Texas recipe with lemon and Worcestershire.
Hawaiian style
a tomato purée based sauce with pineapple and soy sauce.
Highland Park BBQ sauce
a ketchup, vinegar and white sugar based sauce - well-balanced.
The Frugal Gourmet's
mustard, Worcestershire, smoke and sugar notes.
Texas Best
a replication of a classic commercial BBQ sauce.
Texas Best II
a variation on "Texas Best" BBQ sauce
Cattlemen's Kansas City
another replication of a commerical BBQ sauce.
K.C. Masterpiece
my attempt to recreate a molasses based sauce.
Stubb's Original
a commerical sauce that is tomatoey, thin and robust.
Gates Bar-B-Q sauce
thin, vinegery and prominent in chili powder.
Mellow pit sauce
A Texasy concoction with tomato sauce and chili pepper.